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About Us


The website exists in order to allow patients to order certain specific medications via the Internet. empowers patients by allowing them to have a virtual office visit with a physician over the Internet. We do not believe that all ailments may be effectively treated via the Internet however there are a number of ailments, which may be effectively treated through a web consultation.

By not having to wait for an appointment at a physician's office and by not having to wait in a waiting room, a patient may receive treatment sooner, save significant time and in some cases avoid potential embarrassment. Furthermore there are many other significant benefits to physician visits on the web. For example, patient records may become standardized and in a location easily accessible and updated by the patient for such things as a change in address. By using a web based pharmacy, pharmacy records and a patient's prescription history may be better maintained and as use of the Internet increases for such things as prescriptions, pharmacists should have an easier time monitoring drugs which could counteract or negatively react to each other.

The benefits of web based office visits and pharmacies are so significant that the United States National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, has published Crossing the Quality Chasm, in which the authors outline new rules to redesign and improve health care. The book makes a clear statement that there has been an absence of any real progress toward restructuring health care systems to address quality and cost concerns or toward applying advances in information technology to improve administrative and clinical processes.

In Crossing the Quality Chasm the authors promulgated many recommendations to improve health care including the following:

  1. Care based on continuing healing relationships. Patients should receive care whenever they need it and in many forms, not just face-to-face office visits. Access to care should be provided over the Internet, by telephone, and by other means in addition to face-to-face visits.

  2. Customization based on patient needs and values. The system of care should be designed to meet the most common types of needs but respond to individual patient choices.

  3. The patient as the source of control. Patients should be given the necessary information and the opportunity to exercise the degree of control they choose over their health care decisions.

  4. Shared knowledge and free flow of information. Patients should have unfettered access to their medical records and information.

  5. Evidence-based decision making. Care should not vary from clinician-to-clinician or from place-to-place but should be based on the best available scientific information.

  6. Safety as a system property. The health care system should require greater attention to systems that help prevent and mitigate errors.

  7. Need for transparency. The health care system should make information available to patients, which allows them to make informed decisions.

  8. Anticipation of needs. The system should anticipate patient needs and not react to events.

  9. Continuous decrease in waste. The health care system should not waste resources or patient time.

  10. Cooperation among clinicians. To ensure appropriate care, clinicians should cooperate and collaborate with each other.

The National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine also calls upon the United States Congress to establish a Health Care Innovation Fund to support projects designed meet the above stated objectives. At we believe that we are the foremost innovator of our health care system. We believe that health care must and will change to accommodate patient needs and concerns and that the Internet will become the core backbone in the delivery of excellent, safe care.

We at are dedicated to working with the international regulatory organizations of doctors and pharmacies to develop a methodology for treating patients via the Internet, which meets or exceeds the current standard of care.

Our Products:
We are dedicated to providing only name-brand medications through the use of Internet technology. The pharmacies we engage to provide medications to our customers only purchase medications from well-regarded internationally known pharmaceutical companies. The physicians we engage to provide online consultations specialize in consulting with privacy-minded individuals and in prescribing safe, effective medications on the Internet.

We at are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and service at all times.

Customer Service:
Our Customer Service associates are available to answer your questions Monday thru Friday.

E-mail: [email protected]
Toll Free Telephone Assistance: 1-866-460-1925

Pharmacy Questions:
Our pharmacist is available to answer any question you may have regarding your prescription by dialing 1-866-460-1925.

Physician Questions:
As a registered patient you have a secure communication network available to you with your prescribing physician. When you are logged-in as a patient simply go to the Order Status section, there you can choose to contact your physician via email. If you prefer to speak to your physician rather than communicate by email, send him an email requesting a telephone call.

You may also contact your prescribing physician by sending an email to the address provided to you in the order confirmation email you receive once you have placed an order through

Physicians engaged by are compensated for reviewing medical histories regardless of whether or not they issue the prescription. Physicians receive no other remuneration and have no other financial interest in

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We are committed to your complete satisfaction. If you have comments or believe that we can improve our service in any way, please contact us through Customer Service; we read every email carefully.

All trademarks and registered marks are the properties of their respective companies.

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